Just Reading (Matt/Reader Drabble)

You’re in bed reading…next to Matt who is also reading. But hey, it looks like he’s almost done. He finishes first, takes off his glasses and contemplates for a few minutes on the deeper meaning of the novel.

Afterwards, he glances over at you. You don’t notice because you’re engrossed in your delightful book as well. Your only passing thought is how wonderful it is to be lying next to someone you’re so comfortable with that you can just be there, together, and just read.

However, Matt being the way he is has found something else to occupy his thoughts— the thin ribbon on your nightgown that crisscrosses all the way up to the bodice into a sweet, little bow.

He thinks that ribbon is simply too tight and decides that it really should be loosened. You try your best not to show any sort of reaction, but your quickened breaths tell him you’ve noticed.

There is a growing smirk on his face as he turns and rises onto his knees and elbows and inches even closer to you. You school your features to be as neutral as possible and keep your eyes on the page you are on though you have lost all concentration on whatever you are reading. You are only half successful in subduing a soft moan as his lips press softly onto your collarbone.
Matt laughs warmly at your feeble attempts to remain nonchalant. He tells you that he might have finished his book first, but that will be the only time he’ll finish first this evening.

Note: Previous picture (Matt shirtless on the bed reading) was removed as it was allegedly a personal picture that had been stolen from Matt’s personal e-mail account. Thanks to the Anon that alerted me to this issue!
(This drabble was previously posted as a reblog. Just making a proper post out of it!)

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